About Us

Beautiful Gate Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to support indigenous efforts in Nepal to serve the disabled and marginalized. They provide financial assistance for an organization that regularly cares for children with disabilities and heart defects. They receive patients from all corners of Nepal and help them navigate the medical system in Kathmandu, providing food and lodging during recovery. They are uniquely situated to respond to the recent crisis in Nepal because they are at the heart of the devastation of the earthquake in the Kathmandu area, and they have many organizational contacts all over Nepal. Right now, they are providing “boots on the ground” relief work, including medical aid. Beautiful Gate Foundation is coordinating several relief organizations now and will offer assistance to the most marginalized of Nepal long after many NGOs have gone.

Beautiful Gate Foundation has been formed to offer direct financial assistance to these acute and ongoing efforts in Nepal. Your donation is tax deductible and will go 100 percent to serving the people of Nepal.