Long Term Restoration Efforts

After much prayer and investigation, we have decided to invest our long term rehabilitation funds into the care of disabled children. The earthquake caused many life-changing injuries. A rehabilitation center has been created to care for children who can no longer navigate the mountain paths in their villages. The steep terrain makes it impossible for a child with disabilities to go to school, play with friends or even leave home. This is devastating for families, and parents constantly ask the government for help in caring for their kids.

Beautiful Gate has been able to work closely with the local government to receive rural children who are unable to get the care they need at home.  The child rehab center will house and care for 10-15 children, shepherding them in education and job skills so they can participate in society. It is a long term commitment that will radically change the course of these kids’ lives, and it draws from our natural strengths as an organization. This goes beyond relief to restore some of the most broken parts of Nepal.

So thank you for supporting this effort and for offering hope and wholeness with your financial gifts. Please consider future gifts to support these children in their ongoing rehabilitation and education. Please check back for updates and pictures of their progress!

Rehabilitation Center
The rehabilitation center staff gathers to celebrate the arrival of the first few children in Kathmandu.


Carrom boards are a favorite in Nepal.


This beautiful four-story home has been rented and renovated to be handicap accessible for the child rehabilitation center.


Drew enjoyed meeting new children as they arrived.